Getting Started

Below is a screen shot showing the format of a sample item and descriptions of some of the features.


Text Resizing Buttons

- This button is used to increase the size of the text.

- This button is used to decrease the size of the text.

The new size will be applied to all the sample items in the current goal. Note: Some of the objects (such as fractions, graphs, pictures, etc.) in the sample items will not resize. Changing the size of the text may cause formulas, equations, etc. to wrap.



: Clicking on this button takes you to the main menu.



Answering Sample Items

Click on one of the four options - , , , or and then click on .


: Clicking on this button records your response. A checkappears in the navigation bar in the box above the question number if the response is correct. A crossappears if the response is incorrect. You will not receive a score and a given question can be attempted more than one time.



Moving From One Question To The Next

Click on the number located in the navigation bar to move to the next question of choice.

If you would like to attempt the same question again, click on that question number.



























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