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Test Simulation

NCDesk comes installed with a embedded Test Simulation. This Test Simulation is an abbreviated functional demonstration of how the test interface works. The Test Simulation does not require that the computer use any network resources to function. However, users must install the NCDesk application in order to access the Test Simulation.

To prepare students for the Online Test of Computer Skills, students are strongly encouraged to complete the Test Simulation. Participants should practice using the same computer that will be used during the actual test administration. Performing the Test Simulation using the same computer provides a minimal test of computers but NOT network configuration. The Test Simulation does not require workstations to have as much memory available as a test administration.

Students practice application use skills to perform requested tasks. Students practice entering selected responses by either: (1) using the mouse to click on the letter of the response or (2) using the keyboard to key the letter of the response. During the Test Simulation, students have the opportunity to become familiar with the section navigation feature of the test interface.

See the Test Simulation Demo Movie and Test Simulation FAQs for more information.

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